Our Actors

Tabatha Adams

Tabatha Adams is a remarkable and gifted young English actress who has recently completed her post-graduate studies at the prestigious Drama Centre in London. With her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft, Tabatha has proven herself to be a rising star in the world of acting. Throughout her time at the Drama Centre, she showcased an incredible ability to bring characters to life. As she embarks on her professional journey, there is no doubt that Tabatha's future in the entertainment industry will be incredibly bright. She is undoubtedly an actress to watch, and her talent and charisma are sure to make a lasting impact on the stage and screen.

Simona Armstrong

an astonishing actress and singer, who represented UK at Eurovision in 2008 and was a finalist of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "How do your solve a problem like Maria?" TV show, has proven her skills once again in Peter James' A PERFECT MURDER play during its UK tour. Critics have praised the cast, with particular mention of Simona Armstrong, who portrayed the character of Kamila Walcak. Simona's outstanding performance has left audiences captivated, as she skillfully portrayed Kamila's complex personality, oscillating between vulnerability and strength. Her portrayal was met with high praise, with some even suggesting that she stole the show. Simona Armstrong's bilingual abilities in English and Romanian further contribute to her versatility as an artist.

Mihai Arsene is currently appearing in:   the new MARVEL TV mini-series SECRET INVASION playing oppo
Mihai Arsene is currently appearing in:   the new MARVEL TV mini-series SECRET INVASION playing oppo
Mihai Arsene

a formidable actor who has been making waves in the entertainment industry. He is currently involved in several notable projects. In the new MARVEL TV mini-series Secret Invasion, he shares the screen with the legendary Samuel L. Jackson. Mihai also gained recognition for his taxi-driver lead role in the award winning short film TWO STARS SHORT by receiving a NOMINATION for BEST ACTOR in A COMEDY.

Moreover, he showcased his talent in the BAFTA award-winning series Mood for BBC and in the Emmy-nominated action series Strike Back IV: Shadow Warfare. Netflix viewers might recognize him from his appearance in Young Wallander's. In addition, Mihai portrayed Constantin Zidaru, a terrifying mafia boss, in season 3 of the gripping drama Ransom for CBS. Furthermore, Mihai's talent extends beyond the screen as he recently lent his voice to a new radio drama titled Splinter Cell: Firewall, produced by BBC for Ubisoft.

Marwa Bernstein

an astonishing American actress and former ballerina, known for her talent and versatility. She is a member of SAG-AFTRA and frequently showcases her skills at the Pacific Resident Theatre in Los Angeles. Recently, she was captivating audiences in an online play called A BINDER BRIEF. Marwa's recent achievements also include a notable co-starring role in the popular Netflix TV series, 13 REASONS WHY. Her dedication to her craft shines through in every performance, whether it be on stage or on screen. Marwa's passion for acting and her background in ballet add a unique dimension to her work, making her a sought-after talent in the industry.

Bogdan Zsolt

Bogdan Zsolt is a highly acclaimed award-winning actor, known for his outstanding performances on stage. Currently, he is the lead actor at the prestigious Hungarian Theatre of Cluj in Romania. With his remarkable talent and captivating presence, he has won numerous awards for his exceptional acting skills. Recently, he had the honor of participating in the IBSEN INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL held in Tokyo, Japan. There, he showcased his incredible talent in the renowned play, HEDDA GABLER, under the direction of the legendary theatre director, Andrei Serban. Apart from his remarkable acting abilities, Bogdan Zsolt is also fluent in both Hungarian and Romanian, allowing him to seamlessly connect with diverse audiences.

Anders Back

Anders Back is a talented Swedish actor with fantastic comedy skills and 14 years of experience in various film and television productions on an international scale. He gained recognition for his role as Valentin in the A24 cult feature "Midsommar," where he provided comic relief, skillfully infusing humor into the dark narrative as recognized by director Ari Aster. In the Norwegian HBO series "Knekt/Jacked," Anders portrayed a Swedish poker player, effectively balancing satire and power. Furthermore, he made a notable impact on the commercial front with his captivating and quirky portrayal of the typical Swede in an award-winning IKEA Switzerland advertisement. With fluency in Swedish and English, as well as some knowledge of German, Anders possesses a diverse linguistic skill set.

Joe Buckingham

a fantastic English thespian, originally from the South East of England, but trained in Birmingham

currently on a long term contract with a role playing company

Natallia Bulynia

an outstanding polyglot Belarusian actress based in the UK, Europe and South Korea. As art of her cultural heritage, Natallia speaks Belorussian, Russian, Korean and English, at native level.

Natallia is currently appearing in the new MARVEL TV mini-series SECRET INVASION, ep.1, playing opposite Samuel L. Jackson, as well as EMMY award winning series KILLING EVE 3, ep. 5, in a substantial role, playing opposite Jodie Comer. Natallia's latest work can also be found on Netflix in QUEEN OF TEARS, ep.10, currently being Top 1 non-English TV series on the platform.

Natallia has recently filmed in a new Irish TV series. She has also branched out in screenwriting and directing with two new short films under her belt in less than a year. More news coming soon.

Agnes Borombovits

a genuine Eastern European actress of Hungarian heritage. With her versatile skills, she is fluent in English, Hungarian, and French. Agnes brings a unique cultural background and exceptional talent to the entertainment industry. Her dedication to her craft and her innate talent make her a standout presence on both stage and screen.

Alex Chorley

a highly accomplished and celebrated actor and singer with a wealth of experience. Originally growing up in Australia, Alex enjoyed a thriving career in stage acting before returning to the UK in 2019. Although young, Alex has already inherited several lead roles in various productions, from musicals to feature length and short films. In addition to his remarkable acting abilities, Alex possesses a remarkable talent as a classically trained baritone singer and filmmaker. Notably, he holds dual citizenship British and Australian. Alex's impressive skill set and accolades make him a true force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Laura Cantegreil

Laura Cantegreil is a talented European actress with a French background, who has honed her skills and established her career in London.

Fluent in both English and French, she effortlessly switches between the two languages, bringing a unique richness to her performances.

Clara Ciobanu

an outstanding, genuine young European actress of Romanian-Jewish heritage, based in Bucharest. Clara is a child actress,with experience on screen and bilingual in Romanian and English with flawless British RP and American accents.

Reka Csutak

a fantastic, genuine Hungarian actress, bilingual in Hungarian and Romanian. Currently, Reka is the lead actress at the prestigious Hungarian State Theatre of Cluj-Napoca (Romania), where she has won the hearts of the audience many times and in a multitude of roles.

Paul Cimpoieru

a fantastic and charismatic Romanian actor, director, choreographer and writer based in Bucharest, Romania. Martial Arts, Box and Dancing are his second nature.
Paul is also the founder of an independent theatre company in Bucharest, in the ever emerging landscape of independent arts. Recently, he created the award-winning one-man solo trilogy entitled: “ecceHOMO”, touring USA last autumn.

Paul is also polyglot in Romanian, English, Spanish, Italian and French

Cindy Dolenc

Cindy is an astonishing, award-winning British-Canadian actress who trained in London and is currently based in Los Angeles. She is best known for her role in the TV series LA FEMME NIKITA, where she showcased her exceptional talent, inheriting the role of Kate Quinn. Cindy's remarkable acting skills caught the attention of renowned filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, who cast her in his film EYES WIDE SHUT, further establishing her as a versatile actress. Her impressive performances in various productions have earned her recognition and accolades within the industry. Cindy is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA.

Patrick Dearman

Patrick is a talented English actor who recently completed his studies at the London School of Dramatic Arts. He possesses a remarkable ability to adapt to various British accents, as well as American accents. In addition to his acting prowess, Patrick is also skilled in sports and music. He showcases his musical talents by playing both the piano and guitar. With his diverse skill set and extensive experience, Patrick is sure to captivate audiences with his versatility and charm.

Kim Estes

Kim Estes is an exceptional American actor, who has been recognized with an EMMY award for his outstanding performances. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he remains rooted in his hometown. Throughout his illustrious career, Kim has garnered an impressive 15 awards, including a prestigious Primetime EMMY. Not only has he achieved great success in the entertainment industry, but he has also served in the US Navy, dedicating 14 years of his life to sailing. After his time in the Navy, Kim transitioned to becoming an environmentalist, a role he continues to fulfill today.

Recently, he was on a tour across Europe and America, engaging with fans and attendees at various conventions. Most recently, he delighted audiences with his captivating performance in Matt Chait's new play, BEARINGS, which is running until October 9th at The Flight Theatre at The Complex in Los Angeles.

Kevin Lancelot Everiste

Kevin Lancelot Everiste, a talented actor hailing from London, has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Known for his role as Gavin Wishart in the TV series "THE BILL (Secret History)," as well as his appearance in "DIRTY TRICKS," Kevin has captivated audiences with his exceptional acting skills. However, his talents extend far beyond acting alone. Kevin has embraced his passion for dance and choreography, establishing himself as a professional dancer, too. Furthermore, his dedication and hard work have led him to achieve a remarkable feat - a 3rd degree Black Belt in martial arts.

Recently, he has also graced our screens in the Pepsi 'Stay Thirsty' commercial alongside the renowned footballer, Mo Salah.

Ibrahim Faal

Ibrahim Faal is a Swedish-born actor and an award-winning screenwriter of Gambian heritage. He was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, and grew up in Malmo, in the south part of the country. Ibrahim developed a passion for acting and storytelling from an early age. He recently received the Best Original Story award for his short film entitled "DON'T KILL MY DREAMS", where he signs as writer, director and producer. He is also known for his multilingual abilities, speaking Swedish, Afrikaans (Wolof) and English.

Currently, Ibrahim can be seen on Netflix in the film "A STORM FOR CHRISTMAS." He has also just completed filming for a new feature called "DRAMA KINGS," directed by Adi and Mac Omanovic.

Daniele Favilli

Daniele Favilli is a renowned award-winning Italian-American actor and screenwriter, born and based in Italy. He is bilingual in Italian and English, and his command over several US accents is flawless.

He is currently making waves on the festival circuit with his latest project, ULTIMA VITTIMA, where he showcases his talents as a producer, screenwriter, director, and actor. The film premiered at the Dances with Films Festival in Los Angeles on June 30th at The Chinese Theatre and will be showcased in New York and other locations.

In addition to his film work, Favilli recently took on the title role in a fresh interpretation of MACBETH, titled THE BLOOD OF MACBETH, in Florence, Italy.

Recently, Daniele has been filming a new project in Serbia. More news coming soon...

Bogdan Farcas

Bogdan is a talented Romanian actor known for his work in both film and theater.

Recently, he just finished filming in a new TV series entitled CLANUL/ THE CLAN and before this he was on a tour in Romania with his latest feature film, "NEIDENTIFICAT" / UNIDENTIFIED, which was directed by Bogdan George Apetri and received the prestigious ANONYMOUS AWARD at the International Independent Film Festival ANONIMUL IFF 2021. In addition to his film projects, Bogdan is also a permanent lead actor at The TOMA CARAGIU Theatre in Bucharest, Romania.

His versatility as an actor is evident as he effortlessly switches between the stage and the big screen. Not only is Bogdan skilled in his native language of Romanian, but he is also bilingual in English, making him a valuable asset in international productions.

Nina Frantzeskaki

Nina is a talented young Greek actress and playwright, trained in London, where she co-founded a new theatre company entitled Y Axis Theatre. Nina has recently appeared in the play "360°" at The Hope Theatre. This original piece, written by Nina herself and produced by Y Axis Theatre, showcases her talent and creativity. Her performance in the play has been highly praised, with critics commending her ability to bring authenticity to her characters.

In addition to her acting abilities, Nina is also a polyglot, fluent in Greek, French, and English, with a precise RP accent. Her linguistic skills further enhance her versatility.

Anya Garnis

Anya Garnis is an astonishing and genuine Russian-American actress and professional dancer who is currently based in London. She is a member of SAG-AFTRA and is known for being a regular on the hit show Strictly Come Dancing.

Recently, Anya had the opportunity to tour the UK with a previous Broadway show, showcasing her immense talent and captivating performances.

Anya is bilingual in both Russian and English with American accent.

Florian Ghimpu

Florian Ghimpu is a genuine Romanian actor who has made his mark in various film and television productions. Audiences can catch him in the feature film "The Watcher," as well as in the popular series "VERA" for ITV and "X Company" for CBC Canada. He has also made an appearance in the BBC series "CASUALTY."

Florian is bilingual in Romanian and English, and possesses a great ear for accents: Polish, Russian, and American English.

Sara Maria Ghimpu

Sara is a talented and ambitious young actress from Romania, who is currently in the final years of high school. Despite her young age, she has already gained experience as a voice over actress and has recently embarked on a new journey by joining a renowned theatre company in Bucharest. Sara's passion for languages is truly impressive, as she is not only fluent in her native Romanian, but also in English, German, and Spanish. Her linguistic skills allow her to communicate and connect with people from diverse backgrounds, enhancing her ability to portray a wide range of characters on stage. With her bright future ahead, Sara is determined to continue honing her acting skills and become a successful actress on both national and international stages.

Kordian Gil

Kordian Gil is a wonderful British actor with a fascinating blend of Polish and Scottish roots. His exceptional talent is showcased through his fluency in both English and Polish languages, but also through his capability of portraying complex characters with ease. With a rich cultural background, Kordian is able to bring a unique perspective to his performances, captivating audiences with his authenticity and interpretation. He is also very proficient in various British and American accents.

Jannike Grut

Jannike Grut is a highly acclaimed Danish-Swedish actress who has garnered numerous outstanding reviews for her performances in theater, films, and TV series. With an impressive portfolio of around a dozen award-winning features and TV shows, she has made a mark both in Sweden and internationally. Some notable works include her roles in popular TV series and films like WALLANDER, HAMILTON, and REAL HUMANS, to mention just a few.

Apart from her native Danish and Swedish languages, Jannike is also fluent in English, with the ability to effortlessly switch between US, German, and Russian accents. Her versatility and talent have firmly established her as a genuine and multifaceted actress in the industry.

Leonard Hohm

Leonard is a highly talented and acclaimed German actor and Voice Over Artist. He has made a notable mark in the entertainment industry as the German Voice of Donald Glover in Disney's THE LION KING, showcasing his exceptional vocal skills. His distinctive voice has also been featured in numerous cinema and TV productions such as Maleficent 2, Hustlers, Bernadette, Sanditon, See, Emilie Dickinson, Outlander, and Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.

Leonard's remarkable talent has been recognized and awarded, as he is a two-time winner of the German Dubbing Price for "Best Comedy Film" for his work in Death of Stalin, where he voiced Rupert Friend, and "Best Comedy Series" for his role in Fleabag. With his fluency in both German and English, Leonard's versatility and proficiency shines through in his performances.

Eleni Hadjiafxendi

Elena Hadjiafxendi is a renowned Greek-Cypriot actress and singer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. With her unique and diverse style, Elena has successfully combined world music, literary recitation, and drama to create a distinct musical experience. She represents a new wave of artists who have embraced the works of European composers like Kurt Weill, Felipe Salvador, Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hadjidakis, and Nino Rota. Elena's captivating performances of cabaret music have brought a fresh artistic dimension to the genre, with her enchanting storytelling and thought-provoking themes. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with directors and musicians from Cyprus, Greece, the UK, and Italy, showcasing her talent in musical theatre, operettas, cinema, and television.

Irina Kara

Irina is a fantastic British-Russian actress based in London. Born in Russia, Irina studied at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography in Moscow in the class of the legendary, Oscar winner Soviet film director Sergei Bondarchuk ("War and Peace", 1968). After graduating she moved to the UK, where she has been involved in some incredible projects both on stage and screen.

Recently, Irina finished filming in a new UK TV production (more details coming soon). Despite the challenging years of the pandemic, Irina filmed a new feature film entitled TETRIS, produced by MARV Films, which is available for streaming on Apple TV+. Additionally, she has been cast in a new TV series titled "PSYCHO", directed by the legendary Fedor Bondarchuk, and another TV series called The Stories of Twighburg. Irina's impressive resume also includes notable credits such as the MARVEL TV mini-series SECRET INVASION, the BBC series McMAFIA, the EMMY award-winning series KILLING EVE, and the film THE SNOWMAN directed by Tomas Alfredson. She is bilingual in both Russian and English.

Maddalena Ischiale

Maddalena Ischiale is a remarkable Italian-American actress who has captivated audiences with her exceptional talent. Born in Italy, Maddalena studied with Susan Strasberg in Rome. She quickly landed her first role, playing opposite Rupert Everett in Michele Soavi's "CEMETERAY MAN", 1993 (aka "Cemetery Man") and began a national tour of "The Diary of Anne Frank" in the title role. Maddalena's breakthrough performance as the long-suffering and steadfast mother of U.S. Olympian and POW Louis Zamperini has garnered international acclaim..

One of her latest notable appearances includes her role in the critically acclaimed film, UNBROKEN, directed by the none other than Angelina Jolie.

Maddalena is not only a gifted actress, but she is also bilingual, fluent in both Italian and English. With her magnetic presence and impressive acting skills, Maddalena Ischiale continues to leave a lasting impact on the film industry, earning her a well-deserved reputation as a wonderful actress.

Ole Hoff

Ole is a highly experienced Ukrainian actor who is permanently based in the UK now. He holds work permits for both the UK and the EU, allowing him to pursue his career in the entertainment industry. Ole has a strong educational background, completing his Acting studies at prestigious institutions such as the Gitis (Russian Academy of Theatre Arts) and the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute.

His extensive experience covers various mediums including movies, TV series, TV commercials, and theatre. Fluent in English, Ole is also skilled in portraying Russian, Ukrainian, and European accents. His diverse range of talents and linguistic abilities make him a versatile actor capable of delivering compelling performances across different genres and settings.

Gintaras Lazickas

Gintaras Lazinckas is a truly exceptional Lithuanian actor who is based in London. With his incredible talent and passion for acting, he has gained recognition and admiration both locally and internationally. Gintaras is bilingual in Lithuanian and English with a flawless American accent. Recently, he had the opportunity to showcase his skills in a new game commercial, where he portrayed an Elvish character. His performance was nothing short of mesmerizing. Gintaras Lazinckas continues to impress with his diverse range of roles and unwavering dedication to his craft.

Currently Gintaras is in rehearsals with a new play entitled THE FRESHWATER FIVE and produced by DEADMAN company. The play will tour the UK from 25th April 2024.

Yana Lyapunova

Yana Lyapunova is an astonishing British actress with a multicultural heritage (Jewish-Russian-Ukrainian), based in London.

Yana's impressive versatility and depth she can offer to her characters, saw her involved in well-known TV productions such as THE CROWN 3 and HUMANS 3.

Yana is a polyglot, fluent in English (RP), Ukrainian, Russian and German. Her diverse background and language skills allow her to bring a unique and authentic portrayal to her performances. Whether it's delivering lines in her native Russian/Ukrainian or adopting a perfect British accent, she captivates audiences with her remarkable talent. Yana Lyapunova is undoubtedly a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Elena Lander

Elena is a talented actress with Jewish - Russian heritage, hails from the vibrant city of Milano. Having successfully completed her education at the renowned acting school GITIS (Russian Academy of Theatre Arts) in Moscow, she embarked on her professional journey as an actor.

Currently residing in Italy, Elena's passion for her craft knows no bounds, as she takes on acting projects around the globe. Fluent in English, Italian, Russian, and Hebrew, she effortlessly navigates the world of acting in multiple languages. With her versatility and dedication, Elena brings authenticity and depth to every character she portrays, captivating audiences from different cultural backgrounds. Her ability to seamlessly transition between languages and cultures has made her a sought-after talent in the international entertainment industry.

Lakeisha Lynch-Stevens

Lakeisha Lynch-Stevens is a multi-talented British artist of Jamaican heritage. With a background in acting, writing, and directing, Lakeisha has showcased her skills in various theaters and platforms. An Alumni of the prestigious BRIT School, Lakeisha's debut short play for young audiences, titled 'Praying to Be', received high praise for its originality, dark humor, and thought-provoking narrative exploring the treatment of young offenders in society. The play was even recognized with a commendation for Trinity's International Play-writing Award.

Recently, Lakeisha performed at Edinburgh Festival in 2021 to high acclaim with a 4 stars review of the show Everything has Changed, devised and performed by herself, in The Guardian.

Currently Lakeisha is the new Director of Camden Youth Theatre.

Marius MacTalovvich

Marius is a talented and authentic Polish actor who is currently based in London. Ever since he was young, he has been captivated by the world of acting, firmly believing that individuals who have lived a full and diverse life can bring a unique depth to their performances. Before fully committing to his passion for acting, Marius embarked on a journey as a maritime officer, which allowed him to explore various cultures and gain valuable insights into the lives of people from different backgrounds. This exposure has significantly enriched his understanding of different roles, enabling him to portray characters with authenticity and genuine emotion. With a growing portfolio in film and a solid foundation of real-world experiences, Marius aspires to consistently bring truth and sincerity to every character he embodies.

Manuele Macaione

Manuele Macaione, a genuine Italian actor and screenwriter, is based in London, showcasing his talent in both the Italian and English languages. With fluency in both languages, he navigates easily between the two, delivering unique performances in a variety of roles, mostly on stage.

Macaione's passion for acting and storytelling is evident in his work, especially that he has extended towards screenwriting.

Joe Maw

Joe Maw is an outstanding actor, originaly from Scarborough, Yorkshire. He started out as a child and his major breakthrough in his acting career came in 2009 when he landed a role in CBBC's drama TRACY BEAKER RETURNS. From the age of 12, he portrayed the character "Johnny" in the series, which went on to win prestigious awards such as BAFTA and RTS for best children's drama. Following the success of Tracy Beaker Returns, a spin-off series called THE DUMPING GROUND was introduced in 2012. In addition to his television work, Maw has also made appearances in two episodes of BBC's "Doctors" in 2012 and 2014. He has also collaborated with director Ron Wright on several short films, playing lead roles in "Fawn," "Eldon Hole," and "Eighth Day."

Joe is the older brother of Jack Maw.

Jack Maw

Jack is a remarkable young actor and singer from Scarborough, Yorkshire. He began his career on screen at a young age and has been part of several notable TV productions. In the year 2022, he showcased his singing talent in the show "I Used To Be Famous." Additionally, Jack has also appeared in "Arthur & Merlin" in 2015 and "Doctors" in 2000. Despite his busy schedule, Jack is currently studying at Leeds University while still actively pursuing his singing and acting career.

Jack is the brother of Joe Maw.

Valerya Marych

Valerya Marych is a talented and genuine Ukrainian-Jewish actress from Kiev who is currently seeking refuge in Europe.

Valerya is multilingual and can fluently speak Ukrainian, Russian, and English, which allows her to connect with a diverse range of characters. Classically trained at the now unfortunately unlawfully damaged by the ongoing war - Kharkiv University of Arts-, Valerya gained stage experience in her home town Chernihiv, at the Chernihiv State Theatre, before relocating to Kiev to pursue her screen career. Despite facing hardships and having to flee her home country, Valerya remains dedicated to her craft and continues to pursue her passion for acting. She is a true inspiration and a shining example of resilience and talent.

Claudiu - Cristian Prisecaru

Cristian is a very experienced and skilled stunt actor of Romanian heritage. His work was developed on both stage and screen. He was also the President of the Stunt Association in Romania for many years, being one of the most skilled stunt actors there. Nevertheless, his work took him on other lands and other endeavours, becoming a screenwriter, producer and film director.

Claudiu-Cristian Prisecaru is known for Origine Nesanatoasa (2022), District B13 (2004) and Switchblade Romance (2003).

Laura Preiss

Laura Preiss is a talented German actress who comes from a legendary acting lineage. Her grandfather, Wolfgang Preiss, was a renowned figure in the industry. Not only is Laura gifted in acting, but she is also a polyglot, fluent in three languages: German, French, and English. In fact, she has mastered both the British Received Pronunciation and the flawless American accent in her English fluency. Her versatility and linguistic prowess have contributed to her success in various TV series. One of her notable roles was in the long-running series "Rote Rosen" where she skillfully portrayed her character for over 70 episodes. Additionally, she has also made appearances in shows such as "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction" and "The Bedfellow." Laura Preiss' talent and linguistic abilities have firmly established her as a respected actress in the industry.

Nathalie Merchant

Nathalie Merchant, an award-winning Latin-American actress, has made a name for herself in the Swedish film industry. Known for her versatility, she is a polyglot fluent in seven languages. Her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft recently earned her the prestigious BEST ACTRESS AWARD for her captivating performance as lead actress in the critically acclaimed, multi award winning feature film "CALL OF THE UNSEEN".

Currently, Nathalie has been cast in a new UK TV series and is currently filming. Also, she has just finished shooting a commercial for a prestigious German car company and wrapped up filming for "Det Som Göms i Snö", where she portrayed the character Ritva, a devoted housewife. Nathalie's impressive acting career also includes her noteworthy role as one of the four lead actresses in the gripping drama documentary "En Våldsam Kärlek", which aired on Swedish National TV (SVT1). This six-episode series can be found on the website www.svtplay.se Nathalie Merchant continues to enchant audiences with her remarkable talent and is undoubtedly a rising star in the Swedish and international film industry.

Christos Raptis

Christos Raptis is a brilliant Greek-German actor, multilingual in English, Greek, German and Spanish. He grew up in a charming Greek village, where he was fortunate to be surrounded by magnificent mountains and a rich variety of wildlife during his formative years. His artistic voyage commenced with his enrollment in an art school. It was here that he unearthed a deep-seated love for acting and wholeheartedly submerged himself in the captivating realm of theater. Driven by an unwavering desire for excellence, he embarked on a relentless pursuit of perfection, which included partaking in numerous acting classes. However, his quest for mastery extended beyond the confines of his homeland, as he ultimately found himself studying at the prestigious Michael Chekhov acting school in Berlin. With a strong foundation and unwavering dedication, Christos Raptis was poised to make a significant impact in the world of acting.

Anastasia Reshetnikova

Anastasia Reshetnikova is a fantastic Russian-Dutch actress, multilingual in English, Russian and Dutch languages.
In 2021, Anastasia made history at The Berlinale, being the first ever Russian actress selected for Berlinale Talents, out of over 3000 applicants from 123 countries.
Anastasia has been acting since the age of eleven and graduated from the prestigious GITIS (The Russian Institute of Theatre Arts. Later she continued her studies at The New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, as well as receiving a scholarship in 2021 at the Film Academy Baden - Württemberg.
Her recent credits include the role of Katrin in the second season of a popular British series VAN DER VALK, which was released in 99 countries, a role in the feature film ENSEMBLE, which she has also co-created together with 42 Berlinale Talents alumni, and a role in a short film Funny Feeling which has won a 'Fictie Wildcard 2022' at the Netherlands Film Festival.

Patrick Protus

Patrick is a talented European actor who proudly embraces his Czech heritage. With his youthful energy and determination, he brings a fresh perspective to the stage. Patrick's master's degree in performing arts has equipped him with a deep understanding of the nuances of character development. What sets him apart is his remarkable ability to effortlessly switch between languages. Fluent in Czech, Slovak, English, Polish, and German, he even possesses the rare Austrian accent. Patrick eagerly anticipates the chance to showcase his versatility and captivate audiences with his diverse range of talents.

Rupert Stutchbury

Rupert Stutchbury is a talented English actor, originally from South of England, but currently residing in Ireland, where he has become a prominent figure in the acting scene. Alongside his passion for acting, Rupert also co-founded Gulliver's Travelling Theatre, a renowned theater company that brings captivating performances to audiences across Ireland.

Throughout his career, Rupert has showcased his versatility and skill in a variety of productions. Some of his notable works include the films "Light Years" (2015), "Molly Crows" (2013), and "Common Ground" (2013).

Currently, Rupert enjoys working more with his voice, as a dubbing actor or in various other audio productions, using many of his English accents, from Aussie to Irish and RP.

James Stuckey

James Stuckey is a talented British actor who was born and raised in Bristol. He pursued his passion for acting from a young age and honed his skills through drama studies in his prestigious hometown. James has a deep-rooted love for exploring the complexities of different characters' minds, which has led him to a successful career in the industry.

He has gained recognition for his roles in notable films such as "Light Years" released in 2015, "Molly Crows" in 2013, and "Common Ground" also in 2013. With his exceptional talent and dedication, James Stuckey will continue to captivate audiences with his compelling performances on screen.

Richard John Seikaly

Richard-John Seikaly, an astonishing American-French actor, was born in Syracuse, New York. With a diverse background: French, Lebanese, Palestinian, Italian, Greek, and Native American-Andean ancestry, R-J is fluent in French, American, and Lebanese. Growing up in Washington D.C., R-J discovered his true passion for acting and has always been fascinated by the healing power of film and theatre. He effortlessly brings his multi-dimensional characters to life, showcasing both vulnerability and strength.

R-J's talent has been recognized in the independent film industry, earning him a Best Actor nomination for his leading role in the film "Soulmates". Additionally, he has made appearances on the television show NCIS: Los Angeles. Further on, in his performing experience R-J will inherit roles that are prone to catharsis, from Hamlet to Maximilian Nero (lead role) in The Emperor of the Free World feature.

R-J is also a life time member of SAG-AFTRA union, as well as The Actors Studio in Los Angeles, following an audition with Academy Award Winner Ellen Burstyn.

Andrii Zamiatin

Andrii Zamiatin is a talented young Ukrainian actor with a remarkable background. Having studied at the prestigious Moscow Art Theatre school, Andrii has honed his craft and developed a strong foundation in acting. Currently based in London, he holds residence permits for both the UK and EU, enabling him to pursue his career opportunities in both regions. With fluency in English, Ukrainian, and Russian, Andrii showcases his exceptional linguistic skills and is adept at incorporating authentic Eastern European accents into his performances. His dedication to his craft, combined with his linguistic versatility, allows Andrii to bring a unique and genuine portrayal to each character he embodies on stage or screen.

Justin Walters

Justin Walters is a talented Welsh actor and screenwriter, born in Llanelli, Wales. He is known for his remarkable performances in various TV shows and movies. With fluency in both English and Welsh, he effortlessly switches between the two languages, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Justin has captivated audiences with his portrayal of unique characters, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. His notable roles in popular series like Doctor Who and Torchwood 2005 have garnered him a dedicated fanbase. With a promising career ahead, he continues to inspire aspiring actors and entertain audiences with his unmatched skills.

Gian Franco Tordi

Gian Franco Tordi is an award-winning American-Italian actor. Having been born and raised in the cosmopolitan city of St. Moritz, Switzerland, Gian Franco grew up in a diverse environment that allowed him to become fluent in five languages: American, Italian, French, German, and Swiss. Fuelled by his deep passion for the arts, Gian Franco decided to pursue his dreams and study Theater, Film, and Television Acting at the prestigious University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). In addition to his acting prowess, Gian Franco also excels as a comedian, writer, and director.

His exceptional comedic abilities were recently recognized when he received the esteemed BEST ACTOR IN A COMEDY 2020 Silver Award for his outstanding portrayal of Mr. Spin in the renowned film THE STAR SHOOTER (2020).

He is also known for his roles in LAMBORGHINI: The Man behind the Legend, LOOT (TV series), FORD vs FERRARI and A VERY TALL MAN productions.