Nathalie Merchant wins Best Lead Actress Award

Talent Press Release

Veronica Lazar, Agent


AVANTI P&M is proud to announce that our talented actress NATHALIE MERCHANT has been awarded the prestigious Best Lead Actress Award for her outstanding performance as Mya Westbrook in the captivating adventure film, CALL OF THE UNSEEN, written and directed by Henrik Pilerud. This award-winning production can now be enjoyed by audiences around the globe, as it is available on multiple platforms, including streaming services and DVDs. Nathalie's portrayal of her character in this remarkable movie has captivated viewers and showcased her remarkable acting skills. This award comes after a nomination in 2020 to another Best Lead Actress in a Feature Film award for Nathalie's performance in the sci-fi feature CALYPSO.

AVANTI P&M congratulates Nathalie on this well-deserved recognition and invites everyone to experience the magic of CALL OF THE UNSEEN. Don't miss out on the opportunity to witness the extraordinary talents of Nathalie Merchant in this unforgettable film.